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Our Satisfaction Guarantee provides our subscription customers with the opportunity to try our services for up to 14 days and receive a full refund if not satisfied. To request a refund of purchase price and cancellation of service, a support ticket must be sent to our customer service team. The trial period begins at the same time the subscription is purchased.

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All intellectual property rights in any courses or training material remains property of its respective owners. Any content created for courses (downloads, courses, quizzes, videos, etc) made by Level Up remains owned by us and may not reproduced or distributed without express permission from Level Up


Our liability under or in connection with the terms and conditions or relating to the courses must not exceed the costs paid for the courses to with the liability relates. Without limiting the previous sentence, we exclude all liability for indirect, consequential or incidental loss or damage, or for loss of profit, savings, business, revenue, and/or goodwill, arising under or in connection with the Terms and conditions or relating to the courses.

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Success at the 58th CT Yankee Nationals

On the heels of a fantastic belt test was a great day of competition. Students spent the day at the 58th CT Yankee Nationals and …

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Our First Belt Test In The Books!

Absolutely fantastic first grading for the school! Thank you to Master Lori Coppinger and the Level Up black belt panel for showing up in support …

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Celebrating Cultures In Our Community

The Girls Scout Gold award requires its participants use their abilities to help fix a problem within their community or make a lasting change in …

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