Black Belt Excellence

  1. Be happy but not satisfied
  2. Compare yourself, not to others, but to your own potential
  3. Keep emotions in balance
  4. Develop self discipline
  5. Look for the good in every situation

Purpose of training

  1. Self defense
  2. To be physically and mentally prepared for life’s tests
  3. Strive to better our selves
  4. Be role models to all who seek us out
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Success at the 58th CT Yankee Nationals

On the heels of a fantastic belt test was a great day of competition. Students spent the day at the 58th CT Yankee Nationals and …

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Our First Belt Test In The Books!

Absolutely fantastic first grading for the school! Thank you to Master Lori Coppinger and the Level Up black belt panel for showing up in support …

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Celebrating Cultures In Our Community

The Girls Scout Gold award requires its participants use their abilities to help fix a problem within their community or make a lasting change in …

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