Level Up Launch Bundle




This Level Up launch bundle includes everything you need to get set up for classes. The perfect option for students who have outgrown their gear over the past year.

Includes a fully trimmed uniform top and pants (no pants included with the black belt top), all necessary patches, sparring gear, mouth guard and tote bag.

Note: There are no non-trimmed uniforms in this bundle! Trimmed uniforms are required for green, red and black belt belt students. We want everyone to start off on the right path, looking sharp.

If you are a returning white, orange or blue belt and need a new uniform, you can use your discount code to get 20% off any other uniforms available.

Configure Bundle

  • *Select Uniform

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    *Sparring Headgear

    • Student Headgear

      Student Headgear


    *Sparring Gloves

    • Student Gloves


    *Sparring Boots

    • Student Boots


    *Mouth Guard

    *Included bag

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