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The perfect option for anyone interested in trying karate classes, but isn't ready to commit to a paid option. This trial program is for new students only and allows you to come experience Level Up classes for an entire week, absolutely free.

That's it. Not catch, no commitment or hard sales pitch. We want everyone to come enjoy themselves, get fit and learn some karate.

As a parent of two children studying karate with Level Up, I have been very impressed with the staff ensuring that the lessons are catered to each child’s unique skill level and attention span. The kids genuinely look forward to attending sessions as they both feel great pride in demonstrating their progress as well as have a blast in class. Level Up is creating a wonderful community for students of all levels to learn and have fun together.


If you want a place where you will be handed a black belt because you paid for it, Level Up is not for you. The instructors there have built a school based on two principles: respect and hard work. The students can set their own pace, but Instructors always push them to surpass their limits.



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