Martial Arts Benefits

Research shows that people in their 40’s and 50’s who regularly practice martial arts demonstrate astounding levels of physical fitness in comparison to people the same age who don’t exercise at all. Subjects who practiced martial arts had around 12% less body fat, were able to do twice as many sit-ups, greater flexibility and leg strength, greatly improved balance and shown a stronger immune system. The benefits of martial arts are not limited to just adults, practitioners of all ages can realize the rewards offered.

The martial arts are about developing mind and spirit as much as the body and can help children learn lessons and skills that they will use in other areas of their lives. When children start martial arts, one of the first things they learn is how to respect each other. As well as begin to take part in rituals and formalities of class.

Rituals and formalities in martial arts schools are very important because they re-instill ethical behavior. More important than physical skills, martial arts teach children mental skills. Qualities that emerge through martial arts training include focus, discipline, perseverance, self-confidence and self-respect.

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