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Who is Level Up Karate?

Level Up was formed in 2022 with the goal of offering traditional Tang Soo Do (karate) classes with a focus on building students up to unlock the best version of themselves. We seek to find a deeper connection to our martial arts roots, and teach that in a way that uses modern applications, incorporates fitness, and promotes the great community aspects of our practice.

In addition to the traditional classes we teach, we also offer rolling specialty classes designed to level up your training even further. Self Defense, Weapons, Sparring, Competition (tournament), and Advanced classes will engage and challenge our students to achieve the best versions of themselves.

Our school is directed by Master Dan Hinman, a respected 5th degree master belt with over 30 years experience teaching, training, and competing in martial arts. Along his side is his wife, Master Jessica Hinman, and Mr. Kaleb Abalan. Our certified black belt instructors bring over 70+ years of combined expertise in martial arts.

Our Instructors

Master Hinman

5th Dan Master Belt

Master Hinman

5th Dan Master Belt

Mr. Abalan

2nd Dan Black Belt

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